Projects ARTO Publishing house and ARTO Old books bookstore were started in the end of 2014 within BRCA DOO company. The intention behind both projects was to contribute to the enriching of quality titles at the local and national book market, especially in the fields of literature, art and philosophy, as well as to promote values of reading and artistic creation. Publishing house and Old books bookstore were named in the honor of Antonin Artaud, great French avant garde writer and artist in the first half of XX century.




ARTO was founded with a goal of publishing significant titles in Montenegrin, south-slavic and world literature, as well as works in the fields of art, philosophy, sociology, psychology, history…



ANIMACIJA – In 2015, ARTO started an edition ANIMACIJA, which is to include publications of exclusively literary works of prose, with no genre limitations. In addition to the novel SAMIZDAT by Šarlo Atan, published in 2015, the novel SIMONA by Puerto Rican writer Eduardo Lala and translated by Bojana Kovacevic Petrovic was published in 2015. In 2017, an anonymous novel TELENI, ILI DRUGA STRANA MEDALJE, attributed to Oscar Wilde and others, was published in the translation of Marija Krivokapic.

AVANGARDA – Library AVANGARDA is dedicated to writers and works whose poetics, originality and artistic freedom helped break conventions and open spaces for new literary expressions, regardless of their epoch. In 2016, for the first time in the region, an experimental novel MUZEJ ROMANA O VJEČITOJ (PRVI DOBAR ROMAN) by the great Argentinian writer Macedonio Fernandez and translated by Silvija Monros Stojakovic was published. Famous surreal novel by Robert Desnos SLOBODA ILI LJUBAV! was published for the first time in our language last year (2017). It was translated by Bojan Savic Ostojic.

POEZIJA – This collection will primarily feature poetry of modern Montenegrin and regional authors, as well as titles which left a great mark in the modern world poetry. In 2016, a poetry collection DOK CRTAH MAPU SVOJIH PUTOVANJA was published, written by young Montenegrin poet Djordje Scepanovic.


REFLEKSIJA – This edition will be used to promote theoretical texts concerning matters in the fields of literature and art, as well as philosophy, sociology, psychology… The first title in this edition will be modern philosophical text ETIKA POLNE RAZLIKE by the famous French philosopher and feminist Luce Irigaray, which was translated for ARTO by Montenegrin translator and feminist Kristina Bojanovic.

KATALOZI – In this edition, ARTO publishes catalogues of artists exhibiting within Culture Club Podgorica.




Old books bookstore ARTO is a modern, carefully created bookstore of old (second-hand) books, the only one of its kind in Podgorica. In ARTO you can find chosen works of global and south-slavic literature of all genres and epochs, books from theory and history of literature, essays, philosophy, sociology, psychology, lexicography, politics, history, law, economy. Antiques bookstore ARTO has been recognized as a place in which readers and book lovers can buy affordable titles which are often missing from other Montenegrin bookstores. At the same time, ARTO Bookstore is an important segment of promotion and distribution of ARTO Publishing house publications.



Editor in chief: Ognjen Savić

Visual identity: Adela Zejnilović

Address: Bokeška ulica 8. Podgorica