Culture club Podgorica


Culture club Podgorica is an umbrella project and an ideological, organizational and symbolical pillar of all cultural and business creations of BRCA DOO company. Under the brand of Culture Club Podgorica, various programs of Culture Club Tarantino, Culture Club Soba, Restobar Štrudla, as well as ARTO Publishing house and ARTO Old books bookstore are being conceptualized and implemented.
It is a unique business model whose goal is promotion and animation of the cultural scene in the Capital City, as well as affirmation of a new business approach seen as a symbiosis between public and private interest. Numerous concerts, exhibitions, literary events and multidisciplinary festivals produced by Culture Club in the past few years made Podgorica not only an interesting cultural and tourist destination in the country and region, but also a hub of new cultural production whose source is in the original artistic creation of all generations of artists.

Taking that into account, Culture Club Podgorica sees its end goal as not only being a successful and long term business story, but most importantly, an important part in the creation of representative cultural reality of our society as a whole.